Regional centers


“Agrowest DC” has established its permanent representative offices in most urban and regional centers to ensure the closeness of products to its customers and to supply them in a timely manner. These representative offices operate as the regional centres.

Sales network

At present, we are cooperating successfully with retail outlets and network markets in Baku as “Agrowest DC” LLC. Our coverage targets are increasing every year. Our main goal of distribution is deepening quality partnership and business relationships.

Car Park

The modern car park containing 65 cars of Isuzu mark and implementing transportation works operatively, delivers our products to the sales points in a short time.

Modern logistics complex

The modern logistics system minimizing the connection of the products imported in the country with the external environment simplifies the unloading process and minimizes their damaging.


The modern warehouse complex having 11200 square meters total area and allowing to store different categories of products with varying storage conditions allows to deliver the products to the consumers without being spoiled.