The sustainable development of any company depends on the professional personnel in the team. “Aqrowest DC” LLC team is created from qualified specialists and talented youth. Our company provides opportunities for employee improvement as well as helps strengthen their own professionalism, skills, knowledge and performance. Our staff regularly is trained following internal corporate requirements and current market needs. Guided by the concept of the state plan to generate employment, we pay essential attention to the training, improvement and employment in our country.

Our Procurement and Marketing team provides the company with new relevant profitable categories, prepares long-term contracts, attracts new brand certified partners with qualitative products, promotes the brands in the local market, and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty to the brands.

Every week the Sales team visits all sales points on the local market that cooperate with us and receives orders for the supply and purchase of the products. This department also carries out the placements of products following the storage terms on the shelves, FIFO, and merchandising rules.

Our Logistics infrastructure, which meets modern international standards, allows us to receive, store and supply goods at the highest level in accordance with their specifications. Orders received from our clients are delivered to all sales points in Azerbaijan within 24 hours.

The Finance and Accounting team measures risks, carries out the correct management of the tangible and intangible capital of the company, and also monitors the profitability of all investments, funds, and calculations of the company.

A professional IT team ensures the company's information security, automated, and information systems run smoothly, reduces business costs, implements the latest technologies that meet modern requirements and carries out programming.

The Audit team monitors the correctness of the calculations at the sales points that cooperate with our company, the placement of products for sale on the shelves, and organization of promotions. The department also conducts an inventory of tangible and intangible assets in the warehouses and offices of the company.

The Recruiting team always hires the most suitable specialists to the relevant field of the company. The HR department regularly conducts training and seminars to improve the qualification level and career of employees. Collective cultural events are regularly held to maintain the high social and cultural well-being of the company's employees.

The Quality Control Department ensures the preparation of internal regulations and procedures and also monitors compliance with the adopted rules. This team performs quality control at all stages of the products sold by the company, including warehousing, storing, delivery to sales points. Quality Control Department carries out its activity in accordance with existing standards to meet customers’ needs.