The company "Agro-West" DC is developing the representation of foodstuffs of high and initial demand in several group directions successfully by making cooperation with more than 20 companies from 9 countries of the world.

Major mission of the Company is qualitative approach in representation.

Some companies we are cooperating with currently:

The recipe of "Yantar" processed cheese was developed in the Soviet Union in 1965. İts taste is familiar to many of us since childhood. "Yantar" Processed cheese is produced from high-quality rennet cheese, butter and cream, with the addition of special salt-melters.

"Українська сирна компанія" (Ukrainian Cheese Company) LLC is included in "Dubnomolko" OJSC that is a modern and high-tech cheese manufacturer. The goal of the company is to increase the production and exportation as a national manufacturer and a leader of the Ukrainian cheese market.

"Українська сирна компанія" (Ukrainian Cheese Company) LLC is a company which has a modern manufacturing industry, stable raw material base, professional personnel, special distribution system, and strong marketing approach to the product portfolio. The company is represented with the brands “Komo” in Azerbaijan.



NORDEX FOOD was established in 1984.

NORDEX FOOD is a private Danish dairy company that specializes in the production of white cheeses that traditionally come from countries located around the Mediterranean Sea.

Our brands such as Dairyland, Sütdiyarı, Taverna, Arkadia, Yeşilova are widely known in the world.



"VoronejrosAqro" LLC is a dairy product manufacturer which is progressing dynamically. The company which was established in 1996 has gained the sympathy of consumers with the quality of its products during a short period of time. The company is qualified on the production of butter, spreads, cheese sausages (casalsiccia) and melted cheese.

The Azerbaijani consumers willingly use the products as "Yantar", "Voloqodskaya ekstra", "Burenkin Luq".